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Skin Care Services


What to Expect





Welcome Facial

For first time facial clients only!

In addition to a 60 minute service, you will get a 15 minute consultation before and after the service.

(Elite Facial at a specialty Price)


Elite Facial

60 minute service. Customized to the client's needs. Extractions, anti-aging products, and serums included.



Back Facial

40 minute service.



Peel:  $25

Additional Masque:  $25

Facial Club Punch Card!

ilike is an organic skin care line with each product full of vitamins, fruit acids, bioflavonoids, and other antioxidants.  These products are combined with active ingredients so they will treat and nourish the skin, rejuvenating it form the inside out. 

No animal testing or GMO's.  Gluten and nut free.  Suitable for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.  No use of synthetic preservative, paraffin oil, Vaseline, glycerin of animal origin, synthetic coloring's, synthetic thickening agents or ethoxylated emulsifiers.  BDHI Certified Organic.

- Consultation (facial made to your skin/concerns).

- You will completely undress from the waste up (under garments included), waist down is your preference.

- The bed is heated and can be adjusted to your preference (extra blankets available).

- All jewelry will be removed.

- When finished you will have no makeup on and hair will be in slight disarray from scalp manipulation. *Can schedule a style with one of our stylists if you have somewhere to go after*

- Relax and let the skincare professional do all the work.

- Afterwards, drink a lot of water in the next 48 hours to flush toxins out. Do not do a facial within 2-3 weeks of a big event.

- Suggested facial regimen is every 4-6 weeks.

- If you are new to skincare, start with a 3-step take-home routine:

1. Cleanse

2. Tone

3. Moisturize

(even if you have oily skin)

Do this twice per day (am & pm)

- Tanning/Waxing:

* No tanning 48 hours before or after. (sun exposure only with SPF)

* No waxing 24 hours before or after.

  • Do not Exfoliate within 48 hours of your facial.

Each Elite facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, 2 masques, toners, serums, and moisturizers customized to your needs.  While these treatments are on, you will be in complete relaxation with a heated bed, massage manipulation, essential oils diffusing, hot towels for product removal, and subtle music in the background.  It is recommended to get a facial every 4-6 weeks or quarterly at a minimum - the change of the seasons is very hard on your skin.


Full Eyelash Set:


$150 +

$25-55 +



Additional wax (lip/chin):